Date Night

This is a concept I’d been sitting on for a while; shoot a date from the perspective of a person on the date.

I knew I wanted to shoot on film, I knew I wanted it to be in black and white, and I knew I wanted the date to take place at night. Film can work great at night if you’re on a tripod or don’t care about motion blur - however neither were the case for this series - so I decided to embrace the grain and shoot with Ilford Delta 3200. Boy is this film grainy! I also shot everything at 18mm and integrated off-camera flash into a few shots where available light wasn’t cutting it.

I do love shooting with film every once in a while - it still holds the magic of the anxiety behind the question “Did you get the shot?” All I can answer is “We’ll have to find out!”

I’m honestly really happy to have started with digital because the learning process doesn’t seem like a waste of time/money. The years of learning via instant feedback have been invaluable in lessening the aforementioned anxiety. Knowing how to use light meters helps, too ;)

Thanks to my friend Jared Newman for being such a wonderful date.
IG: @heyitsjarednewman


What's in a name?

Every once in a while I'm asked where the name Tiny Glow came from.
At the time I was deciding on a name, I was pretty into astro photography. The night sky has always fascinated me. Perhaps in another life I'd have been an astronomer.

I love to lie out under the stars in the silence of the night, engulfed in the grandeur of what all those little dots of light imply. Feelings of existentialism creep in; feelings of awe, too. We are but a small, "pale blue dot" among a sea of tiny glows.

Fun fact: To the naked eye, the light from the stars we're seeing is at a minimum of 4.22 years old, and about 16,308 years old at the max. Mind-boggling!

A dear friend of mine brought some folks together to camp out at Lake Sonoma, CA. It just so happened to be during the weekend of the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower, and during a new moon to boot! Cue me bringing my camera! I set up a timelapse each night and they came out so beautiful. Besides having captured a couple real streakers of meteorites, I love seeing all the little satellites pulse through the sky. I also made my friend Jared pose for me in his new cowboy hat which he bought on a whim. Enjoy!

Muir Beach Photog/Model Meetup

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a meetup here in northern California hosted by another photographer I hadn't met, but followed close on instagram, Roberto Sosa of IG: @sosatography. He, @_DinaPhotography, and @JayBerryTech attracted a great group of local, talented folks for this windy and fun day at Muir Beach.

Normally, I would have brought my camera with the intention of shooting stills, but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to work on my video skills, so a loaded up the shoulder rig along with my Silencer Air wireless follow focus from 24shots and created this beautiful behind the scenes video of the meetup.

A special thank you to Don Draper for providing the music for this piece!

Photoshoot Giveaway: The Results!

Congrats to Katee Ptak, the winner of the photo shoot giveaway for the official launch of Tiny Glow Photo!

Katee was so excited to win, writing, "Amazing news! I never win anything!"
We'd originally planned to shoot in October, but had to postpone due to the fires in my hometown of Santa Rosa - which is another story all in itself. We did end up rescheduling and had a wonderful shoot with her and her one year old pup, Bodie!

Katee's parents were excited to get professional pictures of their daughter, too, as she hadn't had any made since her high school senior pics. Katee ordered prints and gifted them to her parents just in time for Christmas!

Check out the shots below.

And happy new year to all!
I've set a resolution for myself this year to be able to increase my flexibility enough to touch my toes by the end of 2018 (yes, it's bad).

Photoshoot Giveaway Winner

First off, thank you to all of you who entered!

This is the first time I've ever hosted any kind of giveaway and it was a fun learning experience.

I am constantly surprised when I find out just how many people have been following my photographic journey, and then want to participate in it, too! I truly feel honored - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, the part you've all been waiting for...

If you weren't the lucky winner, please use the discount code found in the email I sent out to save big on a session with me! Feel free to share the code with your friends and family as well.

I'm not sharing this blog to my social media sites because I want to reward just those individuals who either took the time to enter this contest, or who follow my blog on the regular - big thanks to you!

So if you are a regular blog follower and you missed the contest announcement and would like access to the discount code (while it lasts), get onto my mailing list by signing up below!

Got Headshot?

It's the day after a business networking mixer and you're feeling great because you handed out a ton of your cards and feel like you made a great impression. You've also got a pile of cards from everybody you interacted with and plan to contact them soon to follow up.

A week goes by and you're looking through the pile of cards you've got, ready to reach out to a few folks, and, oh no, you've forgotten who some of them were. There's just a name, title, and contact info on some of the cards. Then you realize your own card is pretty much the same and you wonder if some of those people have forgotten who you are, too!

Don't find yourself in this situation! Adding a headshot to your business card can make a huge difference because your winning smile is looking right at your next client!

Whether you're making business cards or creating a bio for yourself on the company's website, many people at one point or another need a great headshot. A great headshot can be warm, inviting, friendly, and show off your personality. As with all portraiture, it's all about the light! It's important to hire a photographer who knows how to modify whatever light source they're working with, be it the sun or artificial studio lighting, to make you look your best, no matter the location or time of day. It is equally important to hire a photographer who's work you like, and who can help you feel relaxed, so you also feel your best and are confident about the quality of photographs you'll receive.

Great headshots don't have to break the bank, and they add a ton of value to potential clients. So put a face to your name and contact me about getting your headshot made!

Taylor the Fighter

I met Taylor back in March at a fashion show in San Francisco which I was photographing. She was modeling for the show and at the moment she hit the runway I KNEW I had to photograph her - she's got the attitude, the walk, the look, whatever it is, she's got it.

Besides occasionally hitting the runway, Taylor also trains in Muay Thai boxing and really wanted to put a fitness shoot together. So we set a date and were fortunate to get her entire gym all to ourselves for a few hours and made some awesome images together.

You can see more of her on:
Instagram: @taylorlaforce

Shannon the Boss

Shannon is one amazing lady!

She's such a professional - her preparedness and demeanor through this whole shoot were a delight. To be expected from a business owner; Shannon is a costume designer and developed her obvious modeling talent showcasing her own garments and jewelry.
Can't say enough good about this fabulous woman!

You can catch her on -
IG: @shannonmarii

Euni in Black

Euni, one of my favorite models to work with, had gotten a new piece of lingerie and was stoked to shoot in it. She was also recently inspired by photo sets in which the models had wetted down hair, which is definitely a different look for her because she's typically rocking vintage shoots with vintage hair styles, so she got her hair wet for the last quarter of the shoot. She looks amazing and we always have fun together!

You can see more of her on -
Instagram: @euni_ses

The Other Half

Every once in a while I get asked if I ever photograph guys. Understandable, since the bulk of my photography is of women. The answer is yes, of course I do!

Bryce is a wedding DJ and super nice guy! He's high energy and always has a smile on.
Most recently he acquired a silent disco system which is just ultra cool!
If you're looking for somebody to liven up the party, check out Bryce at:

His website:
on Facebook:

I met Rob through film making. We've worked together on quite a few films, and a few years back we spent a whole month together in LA working on an indie feature film. This guy does it all! He's a director, camera operator, and actor!
He recently started a new film production company called Stop Focus Films.

Check out his company's YouTube Page: Stop Focus Films
Connect with him on Instagram: @mrrobertcarrera
Find him on Facebook:

Study Buddies

I met Nicole at a fashion show I was photographing 2 and a half weeks ago. She was one of the models and had mentioned Santa Rosa in conversation. I said, "hey, I live in Santa Rosa! Small world!"
We exchanged info and decided we had to collaborate.
She had been wanting to do a series which tells a story and I thought that sounded like a fun idea to play with. I came up with a storyline, much like a short scene taken out of a movie, and visualized the key moments from the scene, storyboarded it, got my long time friend Jared on board, and we all made it happen!
I shot each frame with a 16:9 widescreen cropping in mind and managed not to irk anybody actively studying inside the library!

See more of Nicole:
Her Website
Instagram @the_nicole_rose

See more of Jared:
His Website
On Facebook


I really love storyboarding. It makes the shoot run so much more efficiently. We shot this series in an hour. Here's what I drew up the day before we shot after having scouted the best spot in the library. Pay no mind to my horrible drawing skills. Thankfully I'm much better with a camera!

Boudoir Noir

I had just photographed a "Roaring 20's" themed event before doing this shoot and I was on a black n white kick. Rebekah and I had originally connected through a local facebook group and I have since photographed her a few times. This was our first shoot together and I have to say what a pleasure it is every time we work together. She is such a natural in front of the camera, which makes sense because she's an actress!
You can find her here:
And follow her on Instagram @rebekahdamarisvega

Check out the "behind the scenes" timelapse video from this photoshoot!

Georgia in Fashion

I met Georgia at a mixer in San Francisco for the film community. In talking to her I found out she's not only an actress with a bright future ahead of her, but also a local to Sonoma County! I've been wanting to add more images to my studio work and she's a bit of a fashionista, so we teamed up to create these wonderful images. You can follow her on Instagram @georigiapellkofer

Shot in the Dark

A trip to Jack London State Park dashed by gates and no parking turned into a hike under the full moon to a waterfall inside of Sugarloaf State Park. Rebekah survived the chill of the night and we made some creative and moody images inspired by the beauty, mystery, and fear of the dark.

I love this image so much I made it into a desktop background and it looks awesome!
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Download Below!

Mustard in Bloom

This time of year, residents of and visitors to Sonoma County are greeted with something quite beautiful: the mustard bloom. My good friend Anna is no stranger to this sight and, in fact, works right next to a publicly accessible field of it! I thought it a good opportunity to balance my strobe against the daylight to make some beautiful images.