Study Buddies

I met Nicole at a fashion show I was photographing 2 and a half weeks ago. She was one of the models and had mentioned Santa Rosa in conversation. I said, "hey, I live in Santa Rosa! Small world!"
We exchanged info and decided we had to collaborate.
She had been wanting to do a series which tells a story and I thought that sounded like a fun idea to play with. I came up with a storyline, much like a short scene taken out of a movie, and visualized the key moments from the scene, storyboarded it, got my long time friend Jared on board, and we all made it happen!
I shot each frame with a 16:9 widescreen cropping in mind and managed not to irk anybody actively studying inside the library!

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I really love storyboarding. It makes the shoot run so much more efficiently. We shot this series in an hour. Here's what I drew up the day before we shot after having scouted the best spot in the library. Pay no mind to my horrible drawing skills. Thankfully I'm much better with a camera!