What's in a name?

Every once in a while I'm asked where the name Tiny Glow came from.
At the time I was deciding on a name, I was pretty into astro photography. The night sky has always fascinated me. Perhaps in another life I'd have been an astronomer.

I love to lie out under the stars in the silence of the night, engulfed in the grandeur of what all those little dots of light imply. Feelings of existentialism creep in; feelings of awe, too. We are but a small, "pale blue dot" among a sea of tiny glows.

Fun fact: To the naked eye, the light from the stars we're seeing is at a minimum of 4.22 years old, and about 16,308 years old at the max. Mind-boggling!

A dear friend of mine brought some folks together to camp out at Lake Sonoma, CA. It just so happened to be during the weekend of the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower, and during a new moon to boot! Cue me bringing my camera! I set up a timelapse each night and they came out so beautiful. Besides having captured a couple real streakers of meteorites, I love seeing all the little satellites pulse through the sky. I also made my friend Jared pose for me in his new cowboy hat which he bought on a whim. Enjoy!