Date Night

This is a concept I’d been sitting on for a while; shoot a date from the perspective of a person on the date.

I knew I wanted to shoot on film, I knew I wanted it to be in black and white, and I knew I wanted the date to take place at night. Film can work great at night if you’re on a tripod or don’t care about motion blur - however neither were the case for this series - so I decided to embrace the grain and shoot with Ilford Delta 3200. Boy is this film grainy! I also shot everything at 18mm and integrated off-camera flash into a few shots where available light wasn’t cutting it.

I do love shooting with film every once in a while - it still holds the magic of the anxiety behind the question “Did you get the shot?” All I can answer is “We’ll have to find out!”

I’m honestly really happy to have started with digital because the learning process doesn’t seem like a waste of time/money. The years of learning via instant feedback have been invaluable in lessening the aforementioned anxiety. Knowing how to use light meters helps, too ;)

Thanks to my friend Jared Newman for being such a wonderful date.
IG: @heyitsjarednewman