The Other Half

Every once in a while I get asked if I ever photograph guys. Understandable, since the bulk of my photography is of women. The answer is yes, of course I do!

Bryce is a wedding DJ and super nice guy! He's high energy and always has a smile on.
Most recently he acquired a silent disco system which is just ultra cool!
If you're looking for somebody to liven up the party, check out Bryce at:

His website:
on Facebook:

I met Rob through film making. We've worked together on quite a few films, and a few years back we spent a whole month together in LA working on an indie feature film. This guy does it all! He's a director, camera operator, and actor!
He recently started a new film production company called Stop Focus Films.

Check out his company's YouTube Page: Stop Focus Films
Connect with him on Instagram: @mrrobertcarrera
Find him on Facebook: