Photoshoot Giveaway: The Results!

Congrats to Katee Ptak, the winner of the photo shoot giveaway for the official launch of Tiny Glow Photo!

Katee was so excited to win, writing, "Amazing news! I never win anything!"
We'd originally planned to shoot in October, but had to postpone due to the fires in my hometown of Santa Rosa - which is another story all in itself. We did end up rescheduling and had a wonderful shoot with her and her one year old pup, Bodie!

Katee's parents were excited to get professional pictures of their daughter, too, as she hadn't had any made since her high school senior pics. Katee ordered prints and gifted them to her parents just in time for Christmas!

Check out the shots below.

And happy new year to all!
I've set a resolution for myself this year to be able to increase my flexibility enough to touch my toes by the end of 2018 (yes, it's bad).

Got Headshot?

It's the day after a business networking mixer and you're feeling great because you handed out a ton of your cards and feel like you made a great impression. You've also got a pile of cards from everybody you interacted with and plan to contact them soon to follow up.

A week goes by and you're looking through the pile of cards you've got, ready to reach out to a few folks, and, oh no, you've forgotten who some of them were. There's just a name, title, and contact info on some of the cards. Then you realize your own card is pretty much the same and you wonder if some of those people have forgotten who you are, too!

Don't find yourself in this situation! Adding a headshot to your business card can make a huge difference because your winning smile is looking right at your next client!

Whether you're making business cards or creating a bio for yourself on the company's website, many people at one point or another need a great headshot. A great headshot can be warm, inviting, friendly, and show off your personality. As with all portraiture, it's all about the light! It's important to hire a photographer who knows how to modify whatever light source they're working with, be it the sun or artificial studio lighting, to make you look your best, no matter the location or time of day. It is equally important to hire a photographer who's work you like, and who can help you feel relaxed, so you also feel your best and are confident about the quality of photographs you'll receive.

Great headshots don't have to break the bank, and they add a ton of value to potential clients. So put a face to your name and contact me about getting your headshot made!

The Other Half

Every once in a while I get asked if I ever photograph guys. Understandable, since the bulk of my photography is of women. The answer is yes, of course I do!

Bryce is a wedding DJ and super nice guy! He's high energy and always has a smile on.
Most recently he acquired a silent disco system which is just ultra cool!
If you're looking for somebody to liven up the party, check out Bryce at:

His website:
on Facebook:

I met Rob through film making. We've worked together on quite a few films, and a few years back we spent a whole month together in LA working on an indie feature film. This guy does it all! He's a director, camera operator, and actor!
He recently started a new film production company called Stop Focus Films.

Check out his company's YouTube Page: Stop Focus Films
Connect with him on Instagram: @mrrobertcarrera
Find him on Facebook: