A struggle of light vs dark, good vs evil, the yin and the yang. We all have a monster and angel inside of us. The truth is, they are two parts of a whole. This piece symbolizes the oneness of our own monsters and angels.
Producer, Editor, Director: Joe Gray | fusiondance.life
Choreography & Performance: Elizabeth Ferreira & Joe Gray
Cinematography: David L. Minard | www.TinyGlowPhoto.com
Music: WDL - Monsters Vs. Angels Feat. Mawe
Production Assistants: Hales Biggle & Buddy Matthews

A behind the scenes video I shot of a mettup with local photographers and models at Muir Beach in Northern California.
Hosted by: @JayBerryTech @Sosatography @_DinaPhotography
Music: "Glad You Came Up" - Don Draper
Featured Models: @annyto_ @sophiagracesf @ladorabrowning @carsensuzanne @_therealdina @maddie_clifton @rebeckalish

A peak inside the fusion dance scene in Nevada City, CA.
Producer, Director, Editor: Joe Gray | fusiondance.life
Co-Director: Wren LaFeet | dancecocrea.com
Cinematography: David L. Minard | TinyGlowPhoto.com
Music: Cabu & Akacia - Gold
Dancers: Andy Cerrona, Erica French, Joe Gray, Wren LaFeet, Chrissy Mehnert, Trina Spiller
Special Thanks: Haven Underground, Cocrèa Mindful Partner Dance, Foothills Fusion, Desire Lab

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot with me.
Featuring model Mary Nieto (insta: @rainbow.bright91) and model/makeup artist Ducky Rickman (insta: @uglyducklingbeautyartistry).
Filmed by Buddy Matthews of Stop Focus Films
Music by Jared Newman